Veterinary Biopsy Needle - EZ Core One Handed

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Unique needle design provides a safer, simpler way

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of automatically obtaining greater success. Procedures are less traumatic for the animal and less time consuming for the doctor. EZ Core is the only biopsy needle available with full notch exposure for easier removal of intact tissue, while maintaining tissue sample architecture. No “dig out” is ever required!

> Used for soft tissue core biopsy.

> Facilitates one-handed operation during procedural use.

> Etched tip enhances visualization during ultrasound imaging.

> Precise, rapid firing spring mechanism provides intact core tissue sample.

> Their Bevelled point stylet permits easy penetration with less trauma to surrounding tissue.

> Trocar (3 edged tip) available for special procedures.

> Sterile.

Bone marrow aspiration can be an extremely useful tool in the diagnosis of a number of conditions. We have a range of needles suitable for all patient sizes both disposable and reuseable. For skin and subcutaneous masses, many surgeons favor a spring-loaded Tru-cut biopsy needle. There are a variety of manufacturers, diameters and lengths. What is needed depends on the nature and the size of the mass.

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